Webinar: Next3 autarky not only a concept, but a way of life


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As more energy users seek to reduce their costs and carbon emissions, the concept of solar autarky, complete self-sufficiency from sunlight, has become incredibly appealing. However, achieving year-round autonomy comes with unique challenges, intensified by the rapid electrification of heating, cooling, and transport. Grid stability and energy security have also become hot topics in many areas of the world, driving the demand for more intelligent, future-proof hardware.


45min with Q&A



Target Audience

Any installer or person interested in 
learning about swiss made solar autarky


The training will take place with teams, a link to join the meeting will be sent to you by email after the registration

Meet your speakers

Raul Ruiz

Global technical advisor Engineer

Products covered during the training

next series

More about the products

Date et heure
26 septembre 2023
10:00 10:45 Europe/Zurich
Organisé par

Studer Innotec SA

+41 27 205 60 80

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